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Early Morning on the Green


Once again we returned to Dutch John, Utah to fish the Green River downstream of the Flaming Gorge Dam. This year my brother-in-law Jerry flew out from North Carolina to fish with me.

This is a tail water river with 15-20 thousand fish per mile. The water is so clear that you think you are floating in air as your boat floats down the river. The fishing is always good, primarily because of our guide Bruno, who works out of the Flaming Gorge Rec Services.

This year we fished both the "A" and "B" sections of the river. We caught mostly brown trout but got our share of rainbows also. The browns were big and strong and some were already what I call "Yellow Bellies". Great fishing on a beautiful river. We were even fortunate enough to be able to see a group of twelve or so bighorn sheep that included about four babies.

Lunch on the A section Shallow rapids on the B section

Left: Lunch on the A section. Jerry on the left and Bruno on the right
Right: Bruno going down some shallow rapids on the B section.

Jerry and a nice Yellow Belly Jerry and Ted at take out

Left: Jerry and a nice Yellow Belly.
Right: Jerry and Ted at take out after a long day on the Green.


Devils Tower, north of Sundance


When we left Dutch John and the Green, we headed for Sundance, WY, just because we had not spent any time exploring that area. It turns out that other than the Devils Tower, there is not a lot to see there.

The Devils Tower is a plug of magma that formed beneath the surface about 50 million years ago by rising up into the sedimentary rocks above it. It cooled before reaching the surface and was exposed by the erosion of the soil around it. As it cooled it cracked into the columns seen in the pictures. These vertical columns are all about the same diameter and are uniformly distributed through out the structure. The tower is 867 feet tall and 1267 feet above the river. It is an amazing sight and a major attractor of rock climbers, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Climbers - center of picture Climbers - closeup from left picture

Left: Rock climbers in the center of the picture
Right: Closeup of the climbers in the left picture.

Devils Tower from trail around base Devils Tower from trail around base

Devils Tower from the trail around base.

Bikers at the gate to the Devils Tower


We are near Sturgis at the time of its motorcycle week. Actually you will see a lot of bikes in the big sky country all summer, but not nearly what you see here at this time. We call it "Harley Thunder" because during the daylight hours and even into the early night time, you will continuously hear the bikes coming and going if you are near any of the routes that they use. The vast majority of the bikes are Harleys; we should have bought some stock when Harley-Davidson was almost out of business.

When you go out for a drive you will see groups of them that are as long as a couple of football fields. And when you want to stop for a bite to eat you will see all the places crowded with bikers. They are for the most part a well behaved and happy lot, just out having a good time seeing the sights just like you are.

The picture to the right is at the entrance to the Devils Tower NM. They get about 1,300 bikes per day.

Part of the bike parking at the Devils Tower Going through a small town on Hwy 34

Left: Part of the bike parking at the Devils Tower
Right: Going through a small town on Hwy 34. We decided not to stop for lunch.

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