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We headed down to Cody, a town where we have been several times before and still really enjoy it. This is a base for a week or two, as we do the museums, watch the balloons, do a little fishing and shooting, and just relax in a place where we feel real comfortable.

Tennis under the ballons


This year the Cody Balloon Fest occurred while we were here and we had a great time balloon watching, even while we played some tennis on a nearby court. The Fest started officially on Friday night at dusk when many of the balloons put on a "Balloon Glow", but many of the balloons were flying early in the week and provided spectacular sights in the early mornings.

The competitive parts of the Fest were a "Hare and Hound" chase where a lead balloon would drop markers along the way and the following balloons would try to drop their markers as close to the leader's as possible.

The mass takeoffs were a joy to watch, as the bags of all the balloons were spread out on the grass of Mentock Park, all facing the same direction so that they filled side-by-side. As they became upright they would be given a blast of hot air by the burners and would take off. We were at the park one day and up on an overlook the other, as can be seen from the pictures below.

Balloon Glow Morning mass takeoff

Left: "Balloon Glow" at the Cody Balloon Fest.
Right: Mass takeoff for the "Hare and Hound" competition.

Mass takeoff Mass takeoff

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Buffalo Bill Historical Center


The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is a complex of five museums, each with a distinct theme. If you come to see these, and it would be well worth your time, plan on spending two days. In fact, the admission price allows for two days.

There is an entire museum that covers Buffalo Bill Cody and his associates. The American Firearms museum has over 2700 guns on display that covers the history of firearms. It includes the entire Winchester Collection that was moved here from New Haven, CT in 1976. There is a collection of Western Art, a Natural History museum and a Plains Indian collection.

Buffalo jump American Fireams

Left: A bronze statute depicting a buffalo jump.
Right: The American Firearms museum.

Sacagawea Plains Indians camp

Left: A statute of Sacagawea in the garden.
Right: A plains indians camp.

Golden eagle Bar at the Irma Hotel

Left: A golden eagle in the Natural History museum.
Right: The bar at the Irma Hotel. Irma was Bill Cody's daughter.

Cowpoke on the Bronze Roundup


We moved down to Lander, WY where we just enjoyed the town and did a little fly fishing.

Lander is home to the Eagle Bronze Foundry where bronze castings are made for many artists around the world. If you are here, you must take the tour of this facility, it shows you how a sculptor's work is turned into a bronze casting, such as the one in this picture.

Lander has many bronze sculptures situated around the town as shown in the pictures below. The most prominent is the "Bronze Roundup" which consists of the cowpoke shown here and three full size longhorn steer. This was created in 2001 to salute the pioneers that originally settled the Lander Valley, and is shown in the pictures immediately below.



Lander statue Lander statue

Lander statue Lander statue

Various statues seen around the town of Lander

Little Popo Agie River Little Popo Agie River

Fishing accesses on the Little Popo Agie River (pronounced pa-po-zha). Beautiful red rock country only 10 minutes from town.

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