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This is a view from the edge of one of the pits in the Mesabi Iron Ore Range. There is a little grey area, above the left bird house, which is all that remains of the town of Mahoning where Anne's father, Austin Wilson, was born. The iron ore deposits were too rich under the town so in 1952-1954 they moved all the useable houses out of the area into Hibbing or Chisolm.

R. McNair

While we were investigating the pit views we came across Robert Orville McNair, dob 2-28-17. He was acting as a docent. I asked him if he was familiar with Mahoning. He said that he was born there. The next obvious question was if he knew the Austin Wilson family. "Of course" said he. "We were neighbors of theirs. I remember them well - Austin, Evelyn and Dexter." What a pleasant surprise it was. We had a nice chat about the town. He had many fond memories of the area.

Grayhound Museum

Where did the Greyhound Bus Line originate? Right here in Hibbing, Minnesota. A couple of guys had a Hupmobile that they were trying to sell. Everyone wanted a ride in it so - since they couldn't seem to sell any cars they started selling rides for 15 cents. Such a deal! Then the miners had such a long way to go to get to the pit where they were digging, the guys started ferrying the miners to their jobs. Thus started the bus line. At least that is the legend here. It is probably true - they have a lot of photographs attesting to it.

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