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This summer we will be returning to places we have been to before. The following are the things that we found that were new. The previous visits are documented in the 2008 and 2009 segments of this website.

Samish Healing Pole


The last time we were here the Samish Indians that own the RV park erected a totem pole as a greeter when you enter the park. This year they put up a new and bigger one as a healing pole for those that lost their lives in the fire at the oil refinery.

The bridge that allows the walking trail to cross the bay was vandalized and set on fire one night. The people of the area donated their time and money to repair it. The new totem pole was also to give thanks to all those people.

The pole has been erected next to the walking trail (on the left in the picture) facing the bridge and the oil refinery. Seven people died as the result of the fire at the refinery.

Samish Healing Pole Samish Healing Pole

Left: The Healing Pole before it was unveiled with members of the Samish Nation.
Right: The man is the carver. Note the artwork on the shawl.


Twin Rivers Canyon Resort

This is a picture of the Twin Rivers Canyon Resort from the cliff accross the Moyie River that runs along the west side of the campground. The large river to the right is the Kootenai. The pond is the swimming hole and the RV sites are in the tall trees extending to it's left. The switchback road in the background is the how you get down to the campground. We take our 40 foot motorhome over this road, making all the turns without having to back up, so don't worry driving it. The bridge on the upper left is Hwy 2 crossing the Moyie.

This is a great place to stay with easy access to the Kootenai for floating and to the Moyie for wade fishing.

Fly fishing the Kootenai Fly fishing the Kootenai

Left: Ted trying out his new electric motor for his pontoon boat.
Right: Ted and Gary put in at the Yaak River campground near Troy, MT for a 15 mile float back to Twin Rivers.

Fly fishing the Kootenai Fly fishing the Kootenai

Left: Gary and Ted after putting in at Twin Rivers for a 7 mile float into Bonners Ferry.
Right: The take out at Bonners Ferry.

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