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Last year when we were at Beyond Hope, knowing that the campground was closing down, we went up to the Bonners Ferry area to check it out. We found a nice campground in Moyie Springs about seven miles northeast of Bonners Ferry. It is the Twin Rivers Resort and is situated at the confluence of the Kootenai and Moyie rivers. It looked good so we decided to spend some time there this summer.

Main street, Bonners Ferry


Bonners Ferry is located on the banks of the Kootenai river, about thirty miles south of the Canadian border. It is one of those small towns that we really enjoy. They have a couple of markets, a few good places to eat and a farmer's market every Saturday. The people are nice and friendly.

There is not a lot to do here but Sandpoint, on the northeast shore of Lake Pend Oreille, is a large city only a half hours drive away. There you are able to do most kinds of shopping (they have a Walmart) and you can see the latest movies and do all the things you do in a lakeside city.

Since we like to play tennis, that was an almost daily exercise for us. The Tennis courts at the Fairground are well maintained and host many good tennis players from the nearby area. They even have a USTA Quick Start program for the children.

Main street, Bonners Ferry Tennis courts

Left: Bonners Ferry looking north to the Kootenai river
Right: Tennis courts at the Fairground


On the way to the campground from Bonners we see this sign. Having a little fun with the spelling, eh?

Bonners Ferry Trap Club


There is a shooting complex on Hwy 2, about half way between the campground and the Three Mile junction. They have a trap club that shoots every Sunday around 11:00am and a rifle and pistol range that is open to the public.

There are many opportunities for fishing in the area. There are many places to fish the Moyie, both within walking distance of the campground and via a dirt road that runs along it for many miles. There are several other places on the way to the Canadian border, along with other streams and rivers.

The Kootenai can be fished from the campground also, but the best way to fish it is by floating the river. If you have a pontoon boat like we have, it is easy to put in at the Yaak River Campground up Hwy 2 towards Libby, and float the 15 miles back to the campground. Ted did that and had a great time, he even caught quite a few fish in the 11-14 inch range.

Kootenai river Kootenai river

Left: The Kootenai is a wide, slow river. Fishing is best drifting along the rocky banks.
Right: This big rock has a very deep pool at its base that the kids love to jump into.

Looking down on Twin Rivers Resort


The Twin Rivers Resort campground is about seven miles from Bonners Ferry on Hwy 2. It is at the base of a steep cliff where the Moyie river flows into the Kootenai.

The picture to the right was taken part way down the switchback road leading to the campground. The large river on the left of the picture is the Kootenai and the Moyie flows into it from the right at the top of the picture. The campsites are in the trees to the right of the meadow. It is advised that if your motorhome is more than 36' it is best to unhook your towed at the top, before going down the road to the campground. We did, and took our 40' coach up and down without any problems.

The folks that run this campground are really great people. They only have 30amps but we did not have any problems. We only ran one AC and that was sufficient. The roads are dirt but they treat them and the dust is quite tolerable. If you come here you will enjoy both the campground and the staff that maintains and operates it.

Typical sites at the Twin Rivers Resort Our site, one of only three sites where we can get our satellite Internet

Left: Typical sites at the Twin Rivers Resort, looking down the trees towards the Kootenai. The Moyie is to the right.
Right: Our site, one of only three sites where we can get our satellite Internet



Our favorite place to eat lunch is Jill's Cafe, a small place in downtown Bonners Ferry. It is also good for dinner but it is only open Thursday and Friday nights.

For breakfast we liked the Panhandle, about a block up the street from Jill's and also the Chic-N-Chop on Hwy 95 south of downtown on the way to Sandpoint.

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