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We left Hebgen Lake in the rain heading for Big Timber. We decided to go through the park instead of the mud at the construction on Hwy 191. It takes a little longer but is much more scenic going through the north part of the park.

Downtown Big Timber


Big Timber is about an hours drive east of Bozeman on I90. It is a small mountain town on the prairie surrounded by snow capped mountains. It got it's name from the huge cottonwood trees that grow in the area.

Timber Bar Grand Hotel

Left: The Timber Bar, a great place to have a beer and really good food
Right: The Grand Hotel, Fine Foods & Spirits

Tennis courts


We were very happy to find three tennis courts that were in exceptionally good condition. They were built by using donations and a grant from the USTA.

Boulder River


The Boulder river flows down out of the Bear Tooth Mtns, joining the Yellowstone near Big Timber. While we were here the river was still flowing high and not very clear, not at all good for fishing. That is the Lion Head Mtn. behind Anne in the picture.

The Falls River above the falls

Left: The falls on the Boulder about 30 minutes south of Big Timber
Right: The roaring river above the falls

Ranger station


This was the first Ranger Station built in the area. It was built around 1900 and then had an addition done around 1904. It appears to have been a very comfortable place to live, especially during that period of time.

title title

Left: A modern communications center in the Ranger station. The phone lines connected to other stations.
Right: This is the original stove where the station's cooking was done.

Rodeo parade


There is an annual rodeo in Big Timber and it is a big event. The whole town (population 1801) seems to participate, especially in the parade, either as part of it or spectators. We attended the parade and had a lot of fun doing it. You can see what it looks like in the pictures.

It is not what you would expect if you have been to big town parades. They don't have big floats and marching bands, but make do with what they have in a primarily ranching community, and they probably have more fun doing it than the folks in the big cities.

Fire engines in the parade The only float

Left: It seems the whole Fire Department turned out for the parade, even trucks from the surrounding area.
Right: This is the only constructed float we saw in the parade.

Yellowstone NP tour car Band float

Left: Yellowstone NP tour car. This is how you used to take a tour of the park.
Right: This is a float with a band on it, a flat bed semi truck.

Old wagon Old woody convertable

Left: A local real estate guy with his old horse drawn wagon.
Right: This is an old woody convertible that was part of an old car display. The cars were also in the parade.

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