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Cancun RV Park


Looking back to our departure from Chichen Itza, the day went really well. We left from a campground that looked like an RV show with 20 rigs and associated vehicles in it. The plan was to boondock in a baseball field but they decided to have a game and we were lucky to find this tiny RV Park and our staff were able to pack us all in.

When we got into Cancun it was raining so the coach and the towed got filthy and I discovered that the alternator was not charging the battery. Oh well, we there and the TRAX caravan had not left so we had to take any site we could get into. Ours was such that we had a mud puddle right at our door steps (see left). The next morning the TRAX folks left and we got a very good site with enough usable power that we can run one air conditioner.



This is a very large theme park on the Carribbean with beaches and all kinds of water things to do. It also has lots of Maya influence with people dressed up in Mayan attire and performing their rituals and music. It is also somewhat of a zoo with exhibits ranging from Manatee to Butterfly.

There is a large building with seating around a Ball Court, including some seats that are set up for dinner, which we did and it was half way decent. The show was the history of Mexico, from the Maya to present day. Part of the show was a ball game and they actually got the ball through the rings with final score of 2 to 3. They did not show the sacrifice.

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Xel-Ha RV parking lot


XEL-HA (shell-ha) is a really great park on a cove of the Carribbean. We are parked in the bus parking area and are boondocking (without any hookups of electricity, water or sewer) on a brick surface, one of the cleanest places that we have camped for quite a while.

This is a very interesting water park. You buy an all day pass ($75) and it covers everything in the park, food, drinks, snorkel equipment, you name it, for the day. The food is very good, as are the drinks. You can snorkel or dive in the lagoon or the ocean and even swim with the dolphins. There is a river that you can float down into the sea. A really great place to spend a day.

As is our custom, we have a happy hour when we are in camp in the evening. Each time some three or four of the folks from our rigs are responsible for providing the snacks. Everyone brings their baverage of choice and chairs and we have a great time. In this case, being in the bus parking lot, the bus drivers bring their passengers by us and they have been showing us off as an attraction, which we enjoy and have lots of fun returning greetings and hand waves.

Xel-Ha RV parking lot Xel-Ha RV parking lot

Xel-Ha lagoon Kite boarding

Left: Xel-Ha lagoon. Good snorkeling in the cave and near the floating bridge.
Right: Kite boarding at the Tulum beach

Beach at Tulum Enjoying the beach with some fellow RVers

Left: Beach at Tulum
Right: Enjoying the beach with some fellow RVers



TULUM is a Mayan city that was built around 560 AD on a bluff overlooking the ocean south of Cancun. Its name means wall and it is one of the few Mayan cities that was built with one. The priests and the high society of the city lived within the wall and the workers outside.

The structures of the city seem to be mainly for astronomical and ritual purposes. The main structure is placed so that important happenings of the moon have it rising directly above its roof. There are structures that allow the sun to shine through holes or slits for each of the solstices and equinoxes. It is a very beautiful setting and I am sure a great place to live for the high society of the Maya.

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