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This is one of our favorite places in Alaska. The scenery is fantastic with all the snow covered mountains all around the city, many with glaciers on them. Also, we get the internet and TV here on our own antennas, which is amazing in itself. Each day the fishing boats come in bringing salmon, and often halibut, which we can get and put on the BBQ for dinner that night.

Glaciers from Chilkat State Park

The glaciers in this photo are the Davidson, low and to the left, and the Rainbow, higher up the mountain on the right.


The Tlingit indians were the first people to call the Chilkat Valley home. They created many sophisticated art styles, such as the Chilkat Blanket, the spruce root basket and many forms of wood carving.

Chilkat Dancers Chilkat Dancers

Chilkat Dancers Chilkat Dancers

We went to a demonstration of some of their dances where all the players wore carved masks. It was by the Chilkat Dancers at the Totem Village Tribal House on the Fort Seward Parade Grounds.

More information can be seen at the websites of the Alaska Indian Arts and the Sheldon Museum & Culture Center.

Hitch-Up RV Park


We are staying at the Hitch-Up RV Park in a delightful location. The weather has been unsettled, but when it is clear the surrounding are beautiful. It is close enough to the main part of town that you can easily walk it.

Fortunatly we are in a site that allows us to use our internet and TV antennas so we can update this website from our coach. The satellites are very low on the horizon so only a few sites can use them.

Chilkoot Lake Ted on the Chilkoot River


Chilkoot Lake is about ten miles east of Haines and is a good place to see bald eagles and sometimes mountain goat. The campground there is nice but has no hookups.

There is a short river that runs from the lake to the ocean that has a good population of Dolly Varden trout. Ted has a nice one on his line in the picture.

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